The Ugly Truth About A To-Do List (3 Reasons Why Millionaires Don’t Use Them)

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Here’s a very simple and cool ergonomic lifestyle tip for you, that will exponentially increase your productivity… Throw away your To-Do List!

In my research into time management and productivity, I’ve interviewed over 200 billionaires, Olympians, straight-A students and entrepreneurs. I always ask them to give me their best time management and productivity advice. And none of them have ever mentioned a to-do list.

There are three big problems with to-do lists:

First, a to-do list doesn’t account for time.

When we have a long list of tasks, we tend to tackle those that can be completed quickly in a few minutes, leaving the longer items left undone. Research from the company iDoneThis indicates that 41% of all to-do list items are never completed!

Second, a to-do list doesn’t distinguish between urgent and important. Once again, our impulse is to fight the urgent and ignore the important. (Are you overdue for your next colonoscopy or mammogram?)

Third, to-do lists contribute to stress.

In what’s known in psychology as the Zeigarnik effect, unfinished tasks contribute to intrusive, uncontrolled thoughts. It’s no wonder we feel so overwhelmed in the day, but fight insomnia at night.

In all my research, there is one consistent theme that keeps coming up.

Ultra-productive people don’t work from a to-do list, but they do live and work from their calendar.

Shannon Miller won seven Olympic medals as a member of the 1992 and 1996 U.S. Olympic gymnastics team, and today she is a busy entrepreneur and author of the new book, It’s Not About Perfect. In a recent interview she told me:

During training, I balanced family time, chores, schoolwork, Olympic training, appearances, and other obligations by outlining a very specific schedule. I was forced to prioritize…To this day, I keep a schedule that is almost minute by minute.

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Give it a shot, it works! It’s amazing how simple and often easy changes, have such a profound effect on our life.

If there are some cool ideas that have helped you become efficient with your time and more productive, share it in the comments area. Would love to hear it.