Looking To Score Cheap Airline Tickets? Here Are 3 Must Have Resources

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Cheap airline tickets aren’t always easy to come by. However, in the spirit of ergonomic lifestyle I have an awesome treat for you…

Speaking of cheap airline tickets… In his interview with businessinsider.com the ‘Man Who Flies For Free’ talks about 3 sites where you can hunt down great prices for cheap airline tickets. I’ve been using one of these 3 sites (actually the iOS App version of ITA Matrix called OnTheFly) for years to find fantastic deals for cheap airline tickets.

Now I’m adding 2 more sites to my “Ergonomic Lifestyle Travel Tool Box” to cover more bases…

“When there’s a really cheap price, you need to be able to jump on it in a couple of hours,” Keyes told us. “When I took a $US67 flight to Milan, it only lasted a couple of hours because they didn’t mean to be selling them that way, we just lucked out that those were available and we were able to jump in before they fixed it.”

Ultimately when finding affordable airfare, the key is flexibility. According to Keyes, if you see a cheap flight that takes you somewhere even remotely interesting (or close to somewhere interesting), buy it and figure out the rest later.

“The way most people approach airfare, they do it backwards: They decide where they want to go and then try to find the cheapest flight to get there,” Keyes told us. “But if your ultimate goal is to be able to find as cheap a flight as possible and go somewhere cool for not much money then starting with an open, blank slate and going wherever there’s a cheap flight right now is going to be your best bet.”

Instead of heading to Priceline or Kayak the next time you’re planning a trip, try these three sites first:

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