Wicked Reports Review

What in the world are Wicked Reports?

Recently, I’ve been searching the web for the best tracking software available today. And as fate would have it, I came across the best tracking and analytics software I’ve ever seen released.

This augmented marketing intelligence platform for small &  medium business, is called – Wicked Reports.

Here’s what this software does:

Wicked Reports #wickedreports


If you’re running any kind of marketing on Facebook you need to use Wicked Reports. The amount of data this software provides you with is incredible!

Not only that… it explains the data and makes it extremely simple and easy to make a decision on what to do next with your content or the ads you’re running.

To set up tracking across multiple ads on Facebook a couple of clicks. With one click Wicked Reports goes to your Facebook ads accounts, pools and old ads and assigns individual tracking links to them.

This saves so much time and headache. What used to take hours to comb through all numbers and figures now takes seconds.

For the next couple of days, Wicked Reports is running a special offer.  They are giving away LIFETIME access to a lucky few winners!

Be ready to be blown away!

Check out the free Video Demo Now.

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“My team invests millions of dollars on marketing, and one of the main reasons we have the confidence to invest that kind of money is because we trust our data. Thanks to Wicked Reports, we can track revenue to specific ads, audiences, campaigns and emails. If you’re tired of not knowing what’s working with your marketing, try Wicked Reports. You’ll be glad you did!”

Ryan Deiss

Founder & CEO, Digital Marketer

“I started my business out of my condo in 2011 and struggled for years to generate any traction from advertising. I could never tell what was working and what wasn’t. But everything changed once I got Wicked Reports installed in my business. Now I make decisions based on data instead of hunches. It’s allowed us to scale our business to the point where we’re now doing $4 million with only 4 employees! And in the last 90 days we’ve made over $200k from spending $30k on Facebook Ads alone. Bottom line: Wicked Reports has allowed us to increase our conversion rates, lower acquisition cost and double the ROI on our online marketing efforts!”

Mark Murrell

CEO, Get Maine Lobster

“One of the main reasons we switched from 1ShoppingCart to Infusionsoft is because of Wicked Reports! I highly recommend them.”

Ryan Levesque

Bestselling Author of the book 'Ask'

These are just a few of the raving fans that are using Wicked Reports software.

Check out the free Video Demo Today.


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Having a close bond with the kids, especially when they get older, will greatly reduce your stress levels and worries, and make your life so much more smoother and enjoyable. Because over the years you’ve invested your time and energy to cultivating the kind of relationship where they trust you and listen to your advice.

Proverbs 22:6 (NKJV)

Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.


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In my research into time management and productivity, I’ve interviewed over 200 billionaires, Olympians, straight-A students and entrepreneurs. I always ask them to give me their best time management and productivity advice. And none of them have ever mentioned a to-do list.

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